Tech Lead / Staff Software Engineer,   Worldwide Remote
in the development of decentralized applications/ecosystems.


I have been working in the software development industry for many years and have been involved in projects related to a wide variety of things, such as telecom, device drivers, virtualization, cybersecurity, blockchain, etc. I’m fluent in designing software solutions and writing in several major programming languages. My talent for reverse engineering allows me to understand how any given software work without documentation and even without source codes.

I’m a holistic software engineer, and it means I strive to understand the entire project and be able to complete any part of the work on it. A holistic engineering approach gives me the ability to solve complex problems and continuously and safely make improvements.


Senior Software Engineer
Analog One  (remote)  Current
R&D; Web3, GraphQL, Blockchain; Rust, WASM; Polkadot/Substrate, Ethereum; CI/CD, Github, AWS, Docker


Senior Software Engineer
Sensor Tower  (remote)  2021-2022
Ad-Intel, Reverse Engineering, High-Load; Ruby, Go; MongoDB, AWS, Jenkins, GitHub; Linux, Windows; RubyMine, Goland

Sensor Tower provides industry-leading App Store Optimization (ASO) data, and key metrics to monitor your app’s marketplace performance in real-time.

Senior Software Engineer  (remote)  2020-2021
R&D, Blockchain; Go, Rust, C++, Python; Terraform, K8s, ELK, Google Cloud, Github; Linux, Windows, OSX; GoLand, Clion

I’ve been involved in the development of many parts of the go-spacemesh client and building the CI/CD infrastructure. Spacemesh is a blockmesh infrastructure using the proof-of-space-time (PoST) consensus protocol. It allows users to participate via mining with their personal computers.

Data Scientist II
Vacasa (remote)  2018-2020
ML, ETL; Python, Scala, SQL; Vue.js; Redshift, AirFlow, Hadoop, Terraform, AWS, GitHub; Linux, Windows, OSX; Jupyter, PyCharm

As a full-stack data scientist, I have been involved in many things, from managing infrastructure and development services to extracting/processing/analyzing data, and creating/training predictive models. Vacasa is an international vacation rental management company based in Portland, Oregon.

Senior Software Engineer
ETCDEV (remote)  2017-2018
R&D, Blockchain, Cybersecurity; Go, Rust, Python; Github; Linux, Windows; VSCode, Jupyter

I was working as a core Go developer in the Ethereum Classic client development team. I’ve been envolved in performance and security issues investigation and integration the new EVM developed in Rust. Ethereum Classic maintains the original, unaltered history of the Ethereum network.

Offsite Consultant / Researcher
Kaspersky Lab  (remote)  2012-2017
R&D, Cryptography, Smartcards, Drivers; C, C++, Python; Windows, UEFI; Visual Studio, Ms-Tf, WinDbg

I researched and prototyped functionality starting operating system from a fully encrypted GPT disk; ported OpenSC to UEFI and added support for range smartcards and tokens; implemented some UEFI network card drivers; created abstraction layer allowing to use some native windows DLLs in UEFI environment.

Independent Software Developer
Self-employed   2006-2012
R&D, Virtualization, Windows Internals; C, C++, Python; AWS, Digital Ocean; Windows, Linux; Visual Studio

I was developing and selling my own lightweight application virtualization software MoleBox Virtualization Solution. The software creates private virtual environment for a software application, isolating the application from the underlaying operating system and other software installed and running on the host device. Molebox is available now on my GitHub under GPL license.

etcetera …


Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics
Nizhny Novgorod State University (NNSU), Russia, (4 yrs)
Personal Coursework
Coursera, Edx, Udemy, Udacity